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Terms of use

TalkWell wishes to encourage a broad exchange of viewpoints and stimulate informative debate. To ensure the online conversations flow freely and with minimal intervention, contributors are subject to the following Terms of Use:

  1. By contributing comments to the TalkWell website you agree to be legally bound by these Terms.
  2. TalkWell may make changes to any part of its website and may add to or amend these Terms. All changes become affective as soon as they are posted and it is your responsibility to refer to the Terms of Use whenever you access the TalkWell website
  3. You must register as a contributor and not seek to pass yourself off as someone else. You will be able to access your registered details with your email address and password. You must provide us with your contact information and date of birth and, if residing overseas, the town and country where you live.
  4. If you are under 16, you must get a parent or guardian’s permission before making any contribution.
  5. Your first and last name will accompany every post you submit to the site. TalkWell advocates transparency and accountability; anonymous comments will not be published.
  6. Any decision to approve, edit, cut, delete, reject or amend a comment in any way is at the discretion of the site’s moderators and/or its editor and no specific explanation will be provided. Contributors should be guided by these Terms with regard to what is, and what is not, appropriate.
  7. TalkWell’s reputation will be based on the standard of its content. Anyone wishing to contribute must ensure that their conduct and the material they submit is accurate, legal, civil and tasteful.
  8. TalkWell is not responsible for the specific content of comments submitted by contributors. The decision to post does not mean that TalkWell endorses a particular point of view or vouches for the accuracy of stated facts. Comments are the sole responsibility of the contributor.  
  9. Personal attacks, hate speech, inflammatory rhetoric (sometimes referred to as ‘trolling’) obscene language and spamming will not be tolerated or published. Hate speech is defined for the purpose of these Terms of Use as hateful, threatening, abusive, insulting or disrespectful language against an individual or group.
  10. Any prejudicial or pejorative reference to race, skin colour, nationality (including citizenship), ethnic or national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age or illness will not be tolerated or published.
  11. The use of any form of profanity, including the misspelling of profane words, will not be tolerated or published.
  12. You warrant that your words are not defamatory and you have taken all possible care to ensure that your contribution will not attract a complaint.
  13. You warrant that the words you submit are your own, and have ensured that any direct or indirect reference to the work of others is accompanied by full attribution. Plagiarism is a serious matter and will not be permitted.
  14. Should any complaint about your material be made or intimated at any time before or after publication, you should notify TalkWell before responding to the complainant by filling out the feedback form.
  15. TalkWell reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to its website at any time, without notice or explanation.
  16. You agree to indemnify TalkWell, its administrators, moderators, editor and volunteers against any and all costs and/or claims related to your comments.
  17. TalkWell is not to be used for solicitations, commercial purposes, product or service endorsements, advertising or for deriving financial gain from anyone using TalkWell’s website.
  18. TalkWell will be not used as a platform for partisan political speeches and we strongly discourage comments that seek or encourage specific political endorsements.
  19. To the extent permissible under Bermuda Law, TalkWell will not be liable for any loss incurred by contributors including loss of data, loss of revenue or anticipated profit, loss of business or opportunity, loss of goodwill or injury to reputation.
  20. You must not reveal personal information about other people and are strongly discouraged from sharing personal information about yourself (for example phone number or home address). Be aware that your email and IP address are traceable.
  21. Unless otherwise stated, you retain copyright on your words.
  22. By submitting material, you grant TalkWell licence to store your material in its database but we will not repurpose it for financial gain. You also grant TalkWell licence to distribute, republish or retransmit the material in all present and future media and formats.
  23. You may not copy, reproduce, re-publish, download, re-post, broadcast, transmit or otherwise make available to the public any material from this website (aside from your own words) without TalkWell’s written permission.  
  24. By becoming a contributor to the TalkWell website, you agree to accept that these Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Bermuda. You also accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Bermuda Courts in relation to any dispute that may arise in connection with these Terms or your use of the TalkWell website or arising in any way from the content or misuse of the website.
  25. We have taken all reasonable steps to provide a secure site but TalkWell will not be liable if, for any reason, this website is targeted by hackers.

editor acknowledges the London Evening Standard’s Terms of Use and the Media Council of Bermuda’s Code of Practice as valuable reference points.